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Wow, never thought I would hit a day where this kid would need permission to do something. But yeah, with the changes his body is going through in the Wyld, it's time.

So if you are a non-human in TOS, you may want to give this a gander. The link of the powers that Ben can experience are listed here. Because of this, there is a chance that your supernatural character may set off on of them. So, permissions all around!

Mind you, before anything goes off, I will always talk to you and get permission again on a personal case-by-case rp basis before posting it so we're all on the same page.

For purposes of this post: supernatural creature is anyone who is not baseline human. This will include vampires, witches, werewolves, and other human looking creatures as well as ones who do not look human.

Here is the list of what I think work:


Is your character a celestial based character (angel, god, etc):
Does your character have access to hearing on the celestial plane:
If yes - do you want your character to be able to hear when the angel alarm goes off:

Is your character a supernatural character intent on doing harm:
If your character goes to harm Ben, are you okay with the angel alarm going off?
If your character is about to kill Ben, are you okay with the barrier going off?

Bonus Round for Vampires:

Sophie-Anne has compared Ben's blood to being like a fairy's blood and is addictive to her kind of vampire. So:

As a vampire, if you drink his celestial pure blood, what effect do you want it to have: I'm good with being poisonous, addictive, or no effect. Or do you want to be unique and have a specific effect. V:tM vampires - please have fun with this.

Here is a textbox for you to use:

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When Ben was 25, he said yes to Michael which let the archangel take over his body to destroy Lucifer. In doing this, Michael burned out his vessel and remade Ben a new body. However, because of the need for use in the future, Michael added a few things that Ben is unaware of until they make themselves known. It will become a generational status starting with this first generation of 5 apostles and pass on to the eldest living heir only at the time of the apostle/host's death.

List of powers here )


Oct. 11th, 2013 03:55 pm
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Hey, it's Ben. Can't get to the phone right now, but leave me a name and number and I'll get to you soon as I can. Later.

ooc: please use this post to get in touch with the mun and pup for any reason. Thanks!
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While Ben will NEVER have as many verses as Sam I will shoot him if he does, it's probably about time I break down my baby boy's worlds that he plays in. And I'm going to steal the style that his dad [ profile] hasperkynipples used.

If I forgot any, please remind me.

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Jan. 31st, 2011 01:19 pm
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Well, at least this year, LJ gave me a mixture of kid and adult icons with various emotions when I lost my paid time! LOL!

So yeah, until I scrounge up the funds for paid time and icons, get used to only like 7 adult and 8 kid icons. Sorry guys.
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"This blows," he muttered, tossing the ball against the wall in his room, instead of packing. Again. He refused to move again. And after the fight he had at school, he was grounded to boot. But Mom had the last say, and he was expected to just go with it.

Moving again. This time somewhere that Dean couldn’t find them.

This sucked. It sucked hardcore and the fact Ben didn’t get a say in it made him hate it all the more. Part of him wanted to just pack up his bag,hop on his bike and go out and find him. But Ben is old enough to know that he’s just a kid and a cop would find him and bring him home before he could get out of town.

He missed Dean; and it was weird because Dean really had only been around for a year. But it had been a really fun year. Dean paid attention to him and had been teaching him so many cool things. Ben was pretty sure he was the only one in his school that could rebuild a transmission. Well, sure, Dean did most of it and Ben could use more practice, but that was beyond the point. Dean and he did cool things together - guy things; things that his mother just didn’t understand.

I'm Not Moving... )
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"Ben, he's not asking for you to do anything you're not comfortable with."

"Yeah, I get that." He looked at the picture in his hand that Dean had left. His father - all these years later and suddenly Dean was back and his mother was telling him that she knew - wanted to see him. And he had a little cousin. "Just... not something I was expecting."

"Dean will be fine with whatever you choose. But I'd really like you to think about at least talking to him. I'm sure you've got questions."

"I do." He rubbed the back of his neck. "What about you, Mom? You want him around again?"

Lisa smiled just a bit. "It was nice seeing him again, Ben. I'd like to see more of him. But if you're not comfortable..."

"Mom, I'm not eight anymore. You don't need to worry about my feelings when you're seeing a guy." He smirked up at his mother. "I just don't want to hear about what you two are doing when I'm not here."

"Like I'd tell you that anyway." Lisa smoothed the first red spike of her son's hair so she could kiss his forehead. "Do me a favor, though?"

"What's that?"

"If you decide to take a road trip out to Iowa like I know you're planning, please at least tone down the look so the press doesn't follow you."

Ben smirked a bit and shook his head. "Yes, Mom."


The flight from LA to Des Moines wasn't bad, and he rented a car the next morning to drive the rest of the way to the house where Dean had told his mother that he lived. It probably wasn't the smartest plan he had, but he did want a chance to look at this family before he went to talk to them.

He watched his cousin and his uncle go off to school, and saw that his father's car stayed parked in the driveway. Figuring that it meant Dean wasn't going off to any job, Ben pulled the car up next to it in the driveway and made his way to the front door, knocking before he looked at his reflection in the window.

He actually looked normal for once, and sober too. It was the best he could manage, so he hoped it would be noticed he was trying to act the part. If only for his mom's sake.
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ooc: set in [ profile] wayward_au, a bit down the road from where we are now. Dean is [ profile] jstliketherifle and used with love and permission.

"Do you realize that you talk about your father in the past tense sometimes?"


"But he isn't dead according to our records. Why do you do that?"

"He isn't the same man I remember him to be... it causes some issues between us."

"How do you believe he is supposed to be?"

Insert Flashback Here )
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There are times when two people look at each other and you know that it's true love. A love that lasts through the good times and the bad. Ben and Anna are a beautiful representation of this kind of love, and as they have grown during their time in Wayward Sons, you can't help but love these two for all the small nuisances of their romance, and hope that the future will be a bit more kind to them...

Love is All That Matters: A Ben & Anna Fanmix )
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You know, it's weird. When you're in high school, you tell every girl you date that you love them and they are the only one. For some guys, they mean it. Some it's just a way to get into the girl's pants. And some guys just fall in "love" with a new girl every week.

I had a few girls in high school I thought I was in love with, sure, but now I know it wasn't love. Love is a completely different feeling that I didn't understand back then. Hell, I still don't really get it now.

It's knowing that a single phone call in the middle of the night can keep me sane...
It's the relief holding her in my arms when I thought she was lost...
It's staring into her eyes knowing that the love in them is for me...
It's holding hands as you walk and not caring what anyone says...
It's stealing kisses while washing dishes and getting water all over us...
It's trying not to laugh in a dorm room to wake up the roommates while having a tickle war...
It's watching her sleep in my lap when the movie she picked isn't finished and I can't reach the controller to turn it off...
It's knowing that I can screw up and she will not just walk away from me...
It's having her as the focal point of my dreams and what our future can become...
It's hearing her whisper my name against my ear as we cling to one another...
and it's knowing that no matter if we're in the same room or across the country, that there is an invisible bond that always keeps us connected.

That is how I know that with Anna, it's love. I've never had that with anyone else, and if I'm lucky, I never will.
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It wasn't something Ben did often. Hell, after his mother died and then everything that happened with him and Dean after that, walking into a church was the last thing Ben ever thought he would do again.

But the campus chapel had just let out from Sunday Mass and Ben needed a new supply of holy water, so he snuck in and quickly filled the three flasks he had, putting them in various pockets before he picked up a daily church newsletter and noticed the date.

January 24th.

He felt his fingers crumble the newsletter as he remembered what today was. Dean's birthday. His father's birthday.

Even a year later, Ben was still having a hard time with the change. He had his good days, and they outnumbered the bad, but this day came out of nowhere and sucker-punched him in the heart, and he just sat down in the last pew, putting his hands over his eyes.

Today was supposed to be about sitting around the house, teasing his father about his old age while sharing a beer, a burger and some pie before driving back like a madman to make his class the next morning. Instead here he was, alone while everyone was living their own lives and his father was now an archangel in heaven playing bodyguard to his brother.

"Is there something bothering you, son?"

Ben looked up to see the chapel priest standing over him. He quickly wiped his tears away and started to get up. "No, just got lost in my thoughts."

The priest nodded. "Just remember, in times when we feel that the world is crashing down on you, God will be there to help you through it."

He just nodded, being good and not saying his own opinions about God and how his world had crashed because of Her. He started to walk out, then stopped as he saw the candles that were lit for prayers.

Pulling out a dollar from his pocket for a donation, he made it, then lit a candle.

"Happy Birthday, Dad," he said softly, then turned to leave before any heavenly body got any ideas about appearing around him.
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ooc: prompt is the lyrics of Cowboy Casanova

2023. He still remembered the date where Bela had found him. It was a post-apocalyptic world where only the rich and the lucky had survived: the rich because they were able to afford to keep moving to the disease-free zones until the chemically engineered malaria half-lifed out somewhere in the late teens. Apparently the thing had a cycle, and Ben's family was rich long enough to keep out of the zones, and he alone was lucky enough to survive the fire that took out the family home and everyone inside while he was out taking a joyride in one of grandpa's ancient cars.

The car that he still owned and slept in as he traveled the roads of what was left of the country with just some clothes, a guitar he found at some abandoned bar, a gun that had seen some use, and whatever else he might have conned or stolen in order to survive.

It was in a smokey bar that Ben had stopped for the weekend, hustling some pool while sharing joints with the bikers he was sharking when the brunette with the British accent walked in. Their eyes locked almost instantly, and for a moment there was a bit of panic in them before she smiled back at him and took a nice look over him as he leaned over a bit more than needed for his final shot.

Taking his winnings, he had walked over to her at the bar and leaned against it, the joint hanging loosely from his lips. "See something you like, sweetheart?" he asked.

Bela took the joint from his lips and took a hit from it before blowing the smoke into his face and laughing. "Maybe I do. Got a name, or should I make one up for you?"

"Name's Ben."

"Well, Ben..." Her finger traced down his chest and he couldn't help but smirk at her boldness, "... I think you're exactly what I'm looking for. You like to have a good time, yeah?"

"Who doesn't?"

She leaned close, her lips inches from his. "Then pardon the expression, but I'm about to show you a whole new world."

Another world, another day, another dawn. )
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Left a good job in the city,
Working for The Man every night and day,
And I never lost one minute of sleeping,
Worrying 'bout the way things might have been.

Proud Mary - Credence Clearwater Revival

The flashbulbs and the bright lights were commonplace in the life of Boaz Ramone. He wore his sunglasses almost all the time to deaden the little white light flashes they caused in his vision for minutes after each picture, and only took them off when it got too dark to see inside.

It was another awards show, another after party, and a pretty blonde on his arm as they walked up the red carpet that Boaz didn't even know her name, but sure as hell would know hear her screaming his when the night was over. It was how the game was played, and he loved every moment of it.

But when he was sober and in the shower in the mornings, he remembered still how he had gotten there. He could still remember the awkward teenager who got lucky and made a band with a few friends in high school that led him to trying out for the singing reality show on a dare. The weeks he spent out in Hollywood for the show whizzed by as a series of training sessions, recordings and eventually his hair was cut and his clothes were picked out for him and he was rocking out to the music he grew up loving all his life. Somehow he even won the damn thing, and there was a tour and cd's and parties and somewhere along the way little Ben Braeden was gone and all that was left was the rock star.

The life was amazing - more than he ever imagined. The alcohol and drugs came freely, which he abused the first and avoided the second most of the time. He hung out with all the popular stars around his age and didn't have to pay for a single thing as his record label provided it all.

And the girls? They were literally climbing through his windows just to have a night with the great and sexy Boaz Ramone. If Ben knew who his father was, he was pretty sure the man would be damn proud of that.

It was a good life and Ben was smart enough still to know it wasn't always going to last. He was the flavor of the week right now, but soon he was going to fade into a has-been obscurity and he was going to be prepared to let himself be comfortable when it happened. Right now it was all about living life to the fullest, making his mama proud, and of course making a damn good acceptance speech tonight when he won another award for his debut CD after he gave an epic performance all the morning shows would be talking about tomorrow.

Boaz Ramone was the hottest thing in town, and he was going to make sure they remembered why.
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Ben was excited to have a football game on the day after Christmas. Lisa and Dean decided to split up, and while Dean went to watch Ben play his game, she took Alec off to the malls to look at the after holiday sales.

He was really excited because Dad was there just to see him, and he wasn't distracted by Alec or Mom, and so he did his best to show off a bit since he was in the first team. He might be one of the smaller kids on the team, but he was a great tackler because he could sneak around and under people to get at their legs.

After one strong tackle, Ben got up and and looked over at his father, grinning proudly.
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The thing Ben loved most about waking up Christmas morning was the feeling of being snuggled up under the covers with his hands around Anna. It had been over half a year now since his kidnapping, and he was back to normal for the most part. Some things had changed though, and Anna and the rest of his family had taken to his new little nuances and even embraced some of the changes for the better.

His schooling had picked up and he was back on track, having changed his major out of engineering and into international studies and journalism. It was something different, and something that he knew he could share with Anna after graduation.

The one thing that never changed was Ben's love for Anna. It was deeper, but as the weeks had gone by he was able to remember where they had been before his dream world tossed him through a loop, and found a medium spot that they were both comfortable with.

And this morning, her back to his chest as she laid in his arms, he wanted to much to just stay there forever like that. But the sun was rising and he knew the rest of the family would be waking up to find breakfast waiting and gifts under the tree to rip open. However, Ben wanted to give Anna her gift in a bit more of a private setting, so he reached into the pillowcase under his head and pulled out the small jewelry bag.

The delicate heart necklace caught the sun as he undid the clasp, and as he felt Anna stirring in his arms, he kissed her shoulder and smiled. "Now you will always have my heart with you," he said softly, letting it hang in front of her eyes as they opened to look at the window, then carefully moved her hair as he put it on against the bare flesh of her neck. "Merry Christmas, darling. I love you."


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